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The Island of Cuba

"The simpler my life, the happier I become."

Day One, April 3rd:

Flights into Atlanta, Georgia. Please make sure your flight lands by 7 p.m. Free shuttles to our hotel for the evening. We'll have an evening meet and greet together before tucking into our beds anticipating our flight into the wonderful city of Havana the next day. 

Day Two, April 4th:

Group flight into Havana. (We will book the round trip from Atlanta to Havana for the entire group.) There will be a warm welcome from our Cuban friends, transportation to our rooms, our first taste of Cuban food at a nice local restaurant, and some leisurely walking and sightseeing around the city of Havana. Meals: B

Day Three, April 5th:

Buenos Dias! Wake up to a freshly prepared breakfast before starting our second day in the Havana area. We will have the chance to tour some museums and the Hemingway house, shop, hear some of the history of the country, and eat some local delicacies once again. It's a full day of Havana! Return back to our rooms whenever our pillows call us. The night is open for further exploration if you have the stamina. Meals: B

Day Four thru Seven, April 6-9th:

Here's where we will need to turn off our Western cultural habits (if we haven't already) of details, schedules, and minute by minute information, and allow ourselves to enjoy the land, people, and culture of Cuba on their time. Our adventures will include touring a coffee plantation, hiking in the rain forest, driving into the rich region of Vinales Pinar del Rio, exploring a cave or two, visiting a cigar plantation, dancing and tapping our feet at local clubs (yes, a Salsa lesson is a must!), taking a cooking class, and hanging with the locals. We will delve into the Cuban culture with all of our might and enjoy their hospitality. This is an opportunity to slow down and simply breathe in the pleasures of each moment through our time spent in their vibrant and wonderfully slow-paced culture. Our accommodations will be in Casa Particulares. These are the Cuban version of our Airbnb. Rooms will be simple, local, double occupancy with your own bed, a/c (with the exception of Havana), and bathrooms for each room.  Meals: B

Day Eight, April 10th:

Most likely we will have a bit more time in Havana before our flights back into Atlanta today. We'll have one last evening together back in Georgia to share our memories, toast to our new friendships, and look forward to the impact this trip will have on our lives when we return home. Meals: B

Day Nine, April 11th:

Flights out of Atlanta.

Meals: B


A very low key, low maintenance, flexible, culture loving woman with an average fitness level. We will be doing quite a bit of walking and some hiking. Our accommodations will be nice: very plain, very simple, and very basic but loaded with love. Internet may or may not be available at times. Water may or may not be hot at times. Electricity may or may not go out at times. All of these scenarios are what make this trip an amazing adventure and life-changing cultural experience.

Maximum group size: 10

"I literally have never felt more alive than on this trip. It was like you were tapped into my subconscious and delivered a menu, tailor made." 

-Kelly L.


P.O. Box 490894 

Blaine MN 55449


"In one week I had more adventures than I have had in my entire life combined. I feel so fulfilled, so reborn, so energized."

-Susan M.

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