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Burning Out on Life

We could all use a little peace and tranquility

Stress can be caused by our life patterns

I was listening to a broadcast on public radio as I hiked around one of the tranquil lakes in Minneapolis. The subject matter was burnout from using dating apps.

This may sound funny at first, but the root of the burnout they claimed evolved from our easily accepted, stressful life patterns.

We see a “purpose” to our frenetic lives reinforced on TV, in magazines, and life in general. The busier we are, supposedly the better.

And all that stimulation is continuously attacking our poor brains with cell phones, computers, iPads operating 24/7, and bluetooth devices whispering in our ears.

Our lives have become one big whirlwind and as much as we despise that at times, we feel “important” from all that busyness.

Dating has even become a stress

The interviewees were complaining they were so tired from life’s frenzy, that they were burning out on the whole complicated dating process too.

The work involved in swiping to one side or the other, followed by keeping up with text messages to find more out about the other swiper, and then to actually make a date was overwhelming and bottom line, no fun.

Of course, the fear of being ghosted was involved in all this and that lost me. (Urban dictionary defines ghosting as when a person cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they are dating with zero warning or notice before hand.)

How did we evolve to this point of frustration and indifference with one of the most vital aspects of our lives of meeting new people, potentially mates?

Is this what our lives were intended to look like? I think not.

Is more, faster, better really important?

How can we slow down the pace, enjoy our lives and keep things more simple? Where are our role models for NOT having the latest cars, trends, phones, etc?

Why is more, faster, or fancier better?

So perhaps we can look inward and place our focus on the intangible things in life; nature, music, meditation, and of course for those of us who are gypsies, travel.

This routine drill that we “evolved” to isn’t working. We are a tired people.

So rather than throw everything out the window, lets just whittle down the frenzy a bit and “Take 5” when we can. Then maybe down the line “Take 10”.

Let’s actively try to be more mindful of our life’s pace and willfully drop it into 2nd gear.

Life should be savored like an ice cream cone, one delicious moment at a time.

"I literally have never felt more alive than on this trip. It was like you were tapped into my subconscious and delivered a menu, tailor made." 

-Kelly L.


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