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"...Just finished the most amazing hiking trip in Utah! My expectations were high and they were met completely. Tracy and Kim are super organized and have it all planned out. The ladies on the trip were terrific and I'm thrilled to have made some wonderful new friends. Definitely check out WOTG!" - Laurie S.

Check out the highlights of our latest trip out West! Wild Women Rule! We covered the fab four in the state of Utah: Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Arches National Park, and Canyonlands National Park. Our legs were tired, our hearts were happy, and we couldn't take enough pictures!

Our daily picnic lunches were in some of the most picturesque spots in the country. The backdrops to our picnic tables filled with avocados, hummus, leftover pizza, pretzel buns, and filled water bottles were looming cliffs, meandering rivers, and colorful canyons exhibiting every shade of brown one can imagine.

Nothing like a picnic in Zion National Park!

And what was one of the much talked about highlights for many of us? The freak snowstorm that struck while in Bryce Canyon. Yes, it was the month of May. It turned the canyon into a contrast of white on brown and white on red. The stark beauty and the peacefulness of it all was breathtaking.

As most of us were northerners, we weren't sure if we liked the fact that we were blanketed with snow once again. But, we decided the beauty far outweighed the 36 hours of cold. Of course, it added to our repertoire of memorable adventures that we were accumulating as well.

Bryce Canyon Snowy Sunrise

We can't talk about a hiking trip to Utah without noting the absolutely awe-inspiring Zion Canyon. By far, most of us found Zion to be our biggest highlight. Being that the park had received record rainfall for the year, many of the most popular trails were closed. What did that mean for us? We go up!

We embarked on the trail up to Angel's Landing. The rule: take it slow, go as far as you can go, no attempting the chains, and ENJOY THE VIEW!

Angels Landing Overlook

The beauty and awe of this trip demand another one! Watch for future trips to Utah. The national parks in this great state are overwhelmingly amazing and definitely need to be seen by all.

"I literally have never felt more alive than on this trip. It was like you were tapped into my subconscious and delivered a menu, tailor made." 

-Kelly L.


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"In one week I had more adventures than I have had in my entire life combined. I feel so fulfilled, so reborn, so energized."

-Susan M.

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