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Is Travel Insurance Important?

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We have all probably hovered over the “purchase travel insurance” button if we have purchased flights online. Maybe we’ve had discussions with friends about "should we or shouldn’t we" buy insurance for our upcoming trip. We have contemplated the fact that we have put hundreds or thousands of dollars into a trip that isn’t coming up for months.

The recent pandemic has certainly made us more cognizant of how plans can suddenly change. Those of us who took out trip insurance felt pretty secure.

Sadly, as many of us became acutely aware, the travel insurance policy we took out excluded a pandemic.

But, was it still useless? Would we still recommend trip insurance?

First off, let's start with…

Travel insurance companies may extend coverage

The pandemic cancelled our much anticipated trip to Cuba. As we (travelers with Women on the GrOw) communicated with our individual insurance companies, we came to one exciting conclusion: a great insurance company will give you a voucher or extend your policy to a future trip.

We don’t promise that every company will be willing to extend coverage during a pandemic. But, those we purchased from, offered an easy online form to fill out. We have a few years to use our vouchers for a future trip. THAT is good business! Thanks Travel Insured International!

Here are some other reasons we think it’s important to purchase travel insurance:

(Oh, and here's a link to our FAQ page with more info on travel insurance and a link to company reviews.)

Health issues prior to your trip

Less than two months before a recent hiking trip to Utah, one of our excited hikers emailed us. In the midst of her training for the trip, she experienced excruciating pain in her hip. Diagnosis: hip surgery. No trip.

Health problems and accidents don’t typically give us a forewarning. It’s best to have coverage when unexpected life events take us down.

Emergency calls from home

As much as we hate to say it, emergencies don’t wait for us to be back. Phone calls from a loved one can take us from the enjoyment of our travels to immediate flights home. It’s much better to know it will all be covered. We don’t want the expenses of getting back home to add to our worries.

Personal accidents while on tour

Broken ankles, sprained wrists, and emergency medical situations take place more often than any of us would like to admit. In the event you need to be hospitalized or flown home, resting in the fact that it will all be taken care of can be a huge sigh of relief. Especially due to the fact you will be in the midst of an otherwise anxiety causing situation.

Health insurance coverage may not include overseas

Since we just talked about personal accidents, did you know most personal health insurance policies don’t cover you internationally? Sad but true.

Most travel companies require you to have health coverage while on tour (and you’ll want it anyway). This is a great way to rest assured you are covered no matter what.

Flight delays, baggage loss, and flight cancellations that can hamper your trip

Anyone who has traveled quite a bit knows that flight delays, baggage loss, and missing connections happen. Regularly. When told at the counter that your connecting flight has been cancelled and the next available flight goes out the next day, that policy will be a source of comfort amidst the stress.

Trip Cancellations that end your plans permanently

The hurricane season started early and your vacation to your bucket list Caribbean island has been cancelled. Have no fear! You bought travel insurance.

The costs of your trip are reimbursed and you can start planning for the future. You will have every penny back in your pocket for a newly planned trip (hopefully not during hurricane season).

The gist...

For a relatively small price travel policies provide peace of mind

There are numerous examples of situations where travel insurance comes in handy. Bottom line, taking out trip insurance brings peace. When all else fails, you know you have something to fall back on.

Take out a travel insurance policy, be at peace, and travel freely!