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Simple Steps to Afford Travel

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Over the years I (Tracy) have been asked the same question and heard the same comment by many friends, "How can you afford to travel so often? You're so lucky! I wish I could afford to do that."

Years ago as a single woman and youth pastor living on a salary of peanuts and homemade meals thrown at me on occasion, I learned early on what it took to live frugally so I could still enjoy the things I loved.

I realized that some of those things I thought I couldn't live without or thought I "needed" really weren't that necessary or life-changing after all.

Let me give you two examples:

Ditch the Frou-frou Coffee from Specialty Coffee Shops

As I was driving to work one day with my raspberry white mocha in hand I had a thought...this drink cost me about $5.

Averaging about three frou-frous a week, multiplied by 52 weeks, I came up with the figure of $780 a year that I was spending on a coffee that was unhealthy, fattening, and could've been made at home for cents on the dollar.

My biggest fear was adjusting to "normal" coffee with no sugary sweetness, no wonderfully smooth taste, and no whipped cream on top.

But guess what?

I held my breath, pulled on my "I can do this" pants, and took the steps to convert to my home coffee pot.

It wasn't easy on the taste buds at first and I did revert a few times. But I can tell you that today I only have cream in my homemade cups of coffee and enjoy it!

$780 in the bank each year...ka-ching!

DIY Hair Color and Style

Being a middle-aged woman, I took the increasing gray hairs as my moment to freak out, think life was over, and hop on the hair salon boat sailing directly to the fountain of youth.

I dropped an ungodly amount of money to walk out feeling young and energetic once again :-)

I looked in the mirror, liked what I saw, and thought to myself "here goes the bimonthly costly visits to the salon."

Can I say that I only had one more visit after that? Yup! My thoughts once again led me to realize that at...way too much money.

I could be saving roughly $100-$200 every other month. Should we do the math? That's $600-$1200 a year!

I found the option of buying the do-it-yourself products at a local beauty supply store and have never gone back.

Now, for those of you who end up on a trip with Women on the GrOw, I will tolerate no giggles if my color or style looks a bit, shall I say, sad?

Just know that I am happy and have the money to travel when I like!

Decide what compromise you can make to afford travel

Just think gals, those were just two steps I took to save about $2,000 each year.

That is more than enough to take a wonderful trip somewhere.

Heck, I can easily take two or three trips based on how I travel!

What could you cut out to be able to join us on some adventures of a lifetime with other amazing women? The nail salon? Drinks with the girls? Name brand jeans? The latest iPhone?

It might not be easy to cut some habits at first but the effort will be worth the future journeys!

"I literally have never felt more alive than on this trip. It was like you were tapped into my subconscious and delivered a menu, tailor made." 

-Kelly L.


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"In one week I had more adventures than I have had in my entire life combined. I feel so fulfilled, so reborn, so energized."

-Susan M.

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