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Tending to Your Wanderlust in a Travel Restricted World

If you love to travel, this current world of international flight restrictions and stay at home orders is causing a bit of pent up wanderlust. Believe us, we know all about it.

We were thrilled to have returned safely from a trip just before the nation came to a virtual halt in March. With the hashtags #shelterinplace #stayhome and #flattenthecurve came the realization that both domestic and international trips were going to be put on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

What now? How can we satisfy that craving for new experiences? Where can we go that is both "legal" and new? Is there a way to truly satiate the travel bug that runs so frenetically within so many of us?

We have found a few ways to circumvent the fact that we can't whimsically hop on a plane and head to somewhere exotic any time soon. Here's our two cents worth:

Start Pinning

If you are like us, Pinterest is becoming a useful tool to bookmark some picturesque future destinations.

Have some places in mind? Look them up and explore ideas of what you'll want to do once you get there. Pin some great eateries, read up on popular hiking trails, and find some off the beaten path highlights of the area you didn't know existed.

(Speaking of Pinterest, we recently created our own account. We would love it if you'd follow us https://www.pinterest.com/WomenontheGrOw/ as we'll be adding a variety of travel boards. Hopefully we can contribute to your bucket list of destinations.)

Get on your bike and ride

Some of you may need to dust off the 'ole bicycle, spray the chain, and pump up the tires. This mode of transportation seems to be forgotten once we receive our drivers license.

But, oh, what a bike ride can do to soothe the travel-loving soul.

Once you hit the road on a bike, you'll probably wonder what took you so long. You'll realize what an incredible form of freedom it is. Pedal around your neighborhood. Ride into a nearby park. Better yet, search a route from your house, pack a snack, fill your water bottle, and pedal that bike into uncharted territories near you.

Not only will you sleep better at night after a refreshing bike ride, you will have found some new routes and unique places. Places you probably would have never found if you hadn't been on a bike.

Hit the trails

If you venture out of your neighborhood even a teeny bit, you know that trails abound. Yes, some of them may be sidewalks and some may be partially mud but we guarantee there are paths to be trekked nearby.

Whether you do an internet search for walking paths near you or decide to jump in the car for a little further venture, numerous trails await.

(Want a great trail finding site? We highly recommend AllTrails.com.)

Just recently a close to home trail adventure had us face to face with a Red-tailed hawk, countless turtles, a King Fisher in frantic flying mode, and a massive beaver in the midst of constructing his colossal dam. It was like a free trip to the zoo.

You never know what you'll encounter. Find a path to explore!

Grab coffee and daydream along a lake

There's something about the mesmerizing sounds of being near a body of water. It takes you out of reality for a bit. It touches your soul. It heals what ails you.

Or so it seems.

Add to that a freshly brewed cuppa joe (or your beverage of choice) and you create a wonderful mental escape. Allow yourself to daydream, mentally add to your bucket list of places you'd like to see, and soak in the sounds of the natural world around you.

A lake, creek, river, pond, or even a man-made reservoir can be just the right fix for your wander-lusting soul. Soak in the moment and breathe deep.

Find an unknown park nearby and explore it

It's a fairly common statement all of us have caught ourselves saying at one time or another, "I've lived here for years and never knew this was here!"

Unless you have energetic children in need of routine outdoor excursions, you have probably been missing out on nearby parks. When was the last time you uncomfortably cramped your adult body in a swing and pumped your legs in flight? When did you last visit that county park? You know, the one with the picnic pavilion down by the river?

Bring along a blanket, book, water bottle, and a light snack and enjoy some time outdoors. We recommend a dreamy travel book...it adds to the feeling of getting away.

There are countless city and county parks to explore. Sometimes they are within a stones throw of your home. Ignite that adventurous spirit and venture out!

Pull out a map and pick a day trip destination

Eeny meeny miny mo, to which destination shall you go? This is so much fun! In the morning grab a hearty breakfast, search a destination within a 2 hour radius of your home, pack a picnic lunch, pour your coffee in a travel mug, and hop in the car. Your trip has begun!

Boy does this one seem to truly satisfy the ole wanderlust!

The spontaneity, drive, and a meal en route make it feel like the real deal. You're traveling! Don't forget to take some selfies along the way to share your trip on social media. Your friends and family will be envious.

Pick your favorite option and wander

These are just six of our favorite ways to quench our thirst for the desire to travel. If you are in need of a little "pick me up" for your own travel-itis, choose a different option each week. You may not be able to satisfy your wanderlust completely but these are guaranteed steps we can take to minimize the travel bug within all of us.

"I literally have never felt more alive than on this trip. It was like you were tapped into my subconscious and delivered a menu, tailor made." 

-Kelly L.


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"In one week I had more adventures than I have had in my entire life combined. I feel so fulfilled, so reborn, so energized."

-Susan M.

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