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The Gift in the Storm

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Storms don't have to take away our sunshine!

Life is a bit topsy-turvy at present. Some of us are grocers, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, delivery drivers, etc. who are working just as hard or even harder than ever. Others of us are in service, transportation, travel, entertainment, or retail industries and have watched our jobs shut down completely or dwindle to almost nothing.

In the throes of what is this century’s first (and hopefully only) pandemic, we are caught in an emotional state none of us has ever experienced before. The combinations of fear, faith, caution, and trust keep us on a roller coaster ride as we are continually updated on the current status of the world.

Questioning the uncertainties

Questions arise: Will we be able to pay our mortgage/rent? Will the stock market ever rebound? What if we get the Corona Virus? What if a family member gets it? When will life return to normal? Will businesses go bankrupt?

One thing we find to be true when life seems to be in a tailspin and the world seems out of control: we realize what is truly important.

Finding the importance in life itself

Suddenly the fact that we have our health becomes a really big deal. The knowledge that some of us still have our jobs is a blessing. Having saved for years to cope with emergencies like this is a victory. Having wonderful friends and/or family to get through this emotionally draining time together is the sweetest icing on the cake ever!

Sometimes it takes major storms in life to make us more aware of what truly matters. Life is precious.

Some of us are finding the song of a bird to bring sweet music to our otherwise news-filled ears. The greeting of a stranger while passing brings a bit of joy to the soul. The texts and phone calls of loved ones keep us encouraged and in community. Even the very little things, like a loaf of bread on the grocery store shelf, are counted as a reason to celebrate.

Breathing deep and savoring the moment

This is a wonderful time to slow down (many of us don’t have a choice) and, as they say, smell the roses.

We can pull out a pen and some notecards and drop a line to those we love. We can head outdoors for a brisk walk and take in the sounds of nature we often block out with our ear buds or hurried schedules. Or we can grab a puzzle or a book that has been collecting dust for years and enjoy the time to delve into them.

More importantly, we can just breathe. Let’s watch the sunrise or sunset, call the people we love and say “hi”, and take this time in life to sit back and cherish the truly important things.

Just a hint, they aren’t typically “things”.